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October 13, 2008

Reviewing OpenPipeline

OpenPipeline is an initiative proposed by search engine company Dieselpoint to begin development of standards in the enterprise and customer facing search marketplace.

"Current solutions are proprietary and require that search administrators define and manage data source connectors, file filters, text analyzers, taxonomy, and dictionaries for each search engine technology," says Miles Kehoe, CEO of New Idea Engineering. "Defining once and maintaining a single source regardless of how many and which search engine you use is a big win for customers. We hope other search engine vendors will be adopting this strategy soon." 

"Enterprise search is not the same as web searching", Chris Cleveland, CEO of Dieselpoint says, "because it entails all of the nitty-gritty preparation for search—that is, it requires doing all of those things you need to do to get a document and standardize it before indexing. OpenPipeline, he says, aims to streamline the preparation process through its innovative document-processing capabilities."

Additional information ... 2008 Enterprise Search Vendors: The New Fab 4 ... and 1/2. (http://www.ideaeng.com/pub/entsrch/2008/number_01/article01.html)

OpenPipeline was created and by Chris and his team of developers at Dieselpoint, whose intranet and customer-facing search product is written in Pure Java. Dieselpoint Search is a powerful product, and has many of what we call 'Enterprise Search 2.0' capabilities designed in from the start. For example, it has a web-based control panel for business and IT managers, and provides great support for features like dynamic facets, activity reporting, and powerful data crawling capabilities. It has an elegant and clean interface which is extremely scalable. Dieselpoint Search integrates OpenPipeline for crawling, parsing, analyzing, and routing documents.

About Dieselpoint
Founded in 1999, Dieselpoint provides high-performance search, navigation, and discovery/information retrieval software for structured and unstructured data. Every day, Dieselpoint customers search millions of items and terabytes of data. Customers like The Nielsen Company, Northrop Grumman, Porsche, HMV, McGraw-Hill, ITT, Waterstone’s Books, and British Telecom use Dieselpoint software for corporate portals, intranet search, product catalogs, and engineering databases. Dieselpoint has developed industry-leading advances in faceted search and scalability. Coupled with a new Open Pipeline architecture and outstanding ease of implementation, Dieselpoint is the platform of choice for corporate search needs.  Further information can be found online at www.dieselpoint.com.


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