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September 30, 2010


Erik Hatcher wrote about Solritas: Solr 1.4′s Hidden Gem last year. Solritas is a fancy name for VelocityResponseWriter, derived from the the word Celeritas . It provides a simple Velocity template based translation layer that you can use to build a search user interface within a Solr environment.

Its enabled by default in LucidWorks for Solr 1.4. Eric Pugh discusses some of its improvements in Notes from using LucidWorks for Solr Distro. It doesn't support auto-completion out of the box. This thread gives some examples of how to use jQuery's auto-complete with it.

Solritas is also mentioned in Erik Hatcher's post on Solr Search User Interface Examples and in the slides for the Rapid Prototyping with Solr presentation.


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