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2 posts from April 2008

April 27, 2008

FAST and Microsoft tie the knot: It's official

On  Friday April 25 it became official: FAST is now a fully owned subsidiary of Microsoft.

As Hadley Reynolds writes, FAST is now officially part of the now-somewhat-larger Microsoft Enterprise Search Group (MESG). FAST is now officially "FAST, A Microsoft® Subsidiary". Both Hadley and Microsoft's Kirk Koenigsbauer stress that FAST employees and customers have little to worry about: Microsoft intends to continue to support FAST products on Windows, Linux and Unix as they today.

As we've speculated, this is just another in the continuing consolidation in enterprise search. What's curious now is trying to figure out what name is big enough for Mike Lynch and his board to be willing to be acquired by anytime soon: SAP? Oracle? Google? And will Endeca decide it needs to be part of a larger player? SAP has already invested in them, and their technology seems to fit nicely with Oracle. Stay tuned


April 26, 2008

Visit the NIE Booth at Enterprise Search Summit, New York, May 20-21, 2008

You are invited to visit the New Idea Engineering booth at Enterprise Search Summit, May 20-21, 2008 in New York.  The Enterprise Search Summit is the premier event for information, IT and search professionals.  Meet other professional, exchange ideas, learn strategies and build skill sets, you need to make your organization’s content not only searchable but "findable."


        Enterprise Search Summit

                 New York  

             May 20-21, 2008   

Register using the New Idea Engineering link for a discount.

Plan to attend NIE sessions,  

  •       The Nuts and Bolts of Selecting an Enterprise Search Engine
    Miles Kehoe will outline a phased approach for selecting an enterprise search engine, verifying quality of results against your existing solution, and transitioning to your new infrastructure.  This talk takes a hard look at the fix vs. buy decision by focusing on methodology as well as on technology.
  •      Search Security Issues
    Mark Bennett will cover document and information security issues, whether to protect intellectual property rights, undisclosed strategies, and employee privacy for personal information such as medical, retirement, and personnel data.  You can download the white paper  "Mapping Security Requirements to Enterprise Search"  at http://www.ideaeng.com/pub/wp/.

We will be joining the SearchDev.org group for dinner on Monday night May 19, at 7pm, tentatively scheduled for the Bice restaurant  located at 7 E 54th Street. Stay tined for details here and on searchdev.org.