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February 13, 2009

Forrester and Endeca on innovation in online retailing

Jesse Goldman of Endeca, Sucharita Mulpuru, of Forrester Research, and Kurt Peters of Internet Retailer will present a webinar to discuss inexpensive ways to effectively improve online innovation and user experience. The announcement adds that "Webinar attendees will discover new techniques to increase margins through effective merchandising, increase sales through a more engaging, differentiated user experience, and gain market share through greater customer acquisition and retention."

The webinar will take place on Wednesday, February 18 at noon Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5:00).

While retail and eCommerce seems to be the prime focus of the webinar, online retailing is about finding good ways to engage the customer and to present relevance information based on user queries and site navigation. The same kinds of techniques are increasingly important in customer-facing and internal web sites, since the cost - and the risk - of not finding the right content is even more important with weaker worldwide economies. We think this kind of information is critical to anyone involved in the management of search in the corporate environment, and we are looking for to hearing what they have to say.

Register for this Excellence in eCommerce webinar by following the link.


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Online retailing is just the future.. I'm sad i've missed the webinar..

== Koen: I'll talk to the folks over at Endeca and see if they have plans to reschedule, or if I can get them to send you a copy of the talk. / Miles

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