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March 02, 2009

Enterprise Search Resources

Search Resources

There's a great deal of activity going on in the enterprise search market - groups and resources popping up everywhere. We thought we'd provide a list of the ones we know and respect best; feel free to add your own suggestions as comments and we'll post them in a follow up.

User Forums

SearchDev.org: The independent search developer's forum. A forum on the business and technology of search.

SearchDev also has two technical forums for detailed vendor-specific questions dealing with everything from coding and scripting to problem resolution, with more in the works:



LinkedIn Groups

Enterprise Search Engine Professionals Group: A fast-growing LinkedIn group for people working in or involved with enterprise search in corporate environments worldwide. Search for it under the Groups menu.

Enterprise Search Summit Group: A new group run by Michelle Manafy at Information Today which will provide industry news and information as well as details and podcasts about upcoming EDD events.


Enterprise Search Newsletter: Produced by New Idea Engineering, this newsletter covers both business and technical issues of search, generally at a more detailed technical level. It covers all vendors, provides advice for improving your search, and includes Ask Dr Search who answers technical questions from subscribers.


Enterprise Search Blog: A blog produced by New Idea Engineering that covers all topics around the business and technology of enterprise search including opinion, news, events and more.

The Noisy Channel: This insightful blog, run by Daniel Tunkelang, CTO of Endeca, has a perspective on technology of enterprise search from someone who knows search from the ground up.

Beyond Search: Run by search guru Steve Arnold, Beyond Search contains news, interviews, and opinion on the search market delivered

SearchTools:  Avi Rappoport runs this blog which summarizes new content from her website http://searchtools.com/ which covers almost every search technology known to mankind!

SLI Systems Blog: Hosted search service SLI Systems provides a newsletter that talks about the kinds of problems they see in working with their customers. http://www.sli-systems.com/newsletter.php

FAST Forward Blog: A blog run by FAST Search staffed by FAST, Microsoft, and independent bloggers who write about search and IT issues at http://www.fastforwardblog.com/.

Attivio:The search vendor has a useful blog at  that had good general informaiton as well as Attivio-specific material.

Mark Logic Blog: Written by CEO Dave Kellogg, who shares interesting informaitn about technolgy. A fun read, and always informative.

Vivisimo Blog: Vivisimo runs the 'Search Done Right ' blog that provides grat background information on enterprise search. Like Attivio's blog, this has great background information that anyone can benefit from reading.

Flax Blog: From Lemur Consulting in the UK, the creators of the Flax open source search technology. You'll find more than just Flax here, though, with good coverage of issues relevant to enterprise search in general. 

Gilbane Search Practice Blog: Written by Lynda Moulton, this is a good background blog for enterprise search as well. Gilbane holds two interesting content management conferences a year that include a search track that can be worthwhile.

Two other blogs i find most interesting are not directly related to enterprise search, but I find good value when I follow them:

Andrew McAfee, a Professor at Harvard Business School. writes about IT issues, and he always has interesting material.

John Battelle, author of 'The Search...', has an interesting blog as well, and it's always fun to follow what he's doing.

Trade Shows

Enterprise Search Summit New York: Every May, Information Today sponsors the premier show for enterprise search in New York City. If you only go to one show a year, this is the one to go to. That's also the advice we give to new vendors entering the marketplace. We'll be back again this year, speaking about how you can save money by making your existing search engine work rather than replace it. By the way, you can listen to a preview of our talk, as well as talks by other speakers including Matt Brown of Forrester and Sid Probstein of Attivio.

Search Engine Meeting: Search Engine Meeting in an interesting show run by Infonortics from the UK. In its 14th year, this year's show returns to Boston in April 27-28; see you there!


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Thanks for the resources, quiet a lot of information etc. I never found this much as blogs.

Great list - I've been trying to gather these resources together myself but you've beaten me to it. We've also recently started a blog, mainly on open source & enterprise search:
Thanks Charlie! Thanks for pointing out your blog! Yours, and another oversight on my part, the Gilbane blog, are now included!

I suggest my own blog, The Noisy Channel, particularly for folks interested in exploratory search. In general, I cover a wide range of topics relating to how people interact with information.


Full disclosure: This is my personal blog, but I am the Chief Scientist of Endeca.

Daniel: Done.. my bad in omitting it! My only defense is i *think* I added it before I saw your comment!

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