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April 20, 2009

Attivio sponsoring SearchDev dinner at ESS NY

The Enterprise Search Summit in New York, one of the best of the enterprise search trade shows, is just three weeks away. We're happy to announce that Attivio is sponsoring the SearchDev.org dinner on Monday evening, May 11th.

As it was last year, the dinner will be at the Bice Restaurant at 7 E 54th Street, just a block from the Hilton. If you're involved in creating an enterprise search solution at your company and you plan on attending the show - or if you're just in town - feel free to attend. RSVP to searchdev@ideaeng.com to confirm your spot.

Attivio Attivio, which Gartner Group has called one of the 'cool vendors' in BI and performance management, has designed its search technology with a small footprint, incremental scalability, and real power to combine searches across structured and unstructured documents.

SearchDev.org is a technical and business discussion forum for people evaluating, selecting, and implementing enterprise search applications. It is managed by New Idea Engineering.

To attend the dinner, contact searchdev@ideaeng.com.


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