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June 12, 2009

New SearchDev groups for Autonomy and FAST

Years ago, Verity had a very popular and successful user group meeting every year, but Autonomy has not seemed to be interested in continuing the event.  SearchDev grew out of that last Verity user group meeting, and has a very active membership looking for, and providing advice to, those developing search applications within their respective companies.

As the group has grown, we're seeing an interest in more specialization by search technology. For that reason, we're happy to announce creation of two new SearchDev groups: autonomy.searchdev.org and fast.searchdev.org. These, along with the original www.searchdev.org, will continue to provide technical assistance for search developers, and should allow us to drill down a bit in terms of specialization. Expect other groups in the near future for commercial and open source engines.

Since these communities will have a more narrow focus, the feeling is that the group can grow to include webinars and perhaps even regional user group meetings in the future.

People who are interested in participating can join the Yahoo-group-based forum and start working to make these new user group a success.



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Nice post, gonna visit more often :-)

Great thanks. Enjoy it!

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