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October 18, 2009

From the SharePoint 2009 Conference

"The time has come", the walrus said "to talk of many things..."

With apologies to Lewis Carroll, we begin our week at SharePoint 2009, the official coming out party for SharePoint 2010, and the public announcement of things rumored for months here and there in the enterprise search community: what will search look like once SharePoint 2010 and 'Office 14'  officially hit the street?

We intend to blog on SharePoint's two distinct search products this week: how they compare, where they differ, and where they work together. But those of you who know us also know we strive to be the 'Switzerland of search consulting firms', so we'll enhance our reporting of the facts with our analysis of the capabilities, for better or worse.

I'll also be using twitter this week to post things as they happen. You can follow me '#miles_kehoe' over on Twitter. But you can also follow my posts on #searhdev as well, since SearchDev covers me and others who also follow enterprise search. Stay tuned!


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What are the two names?
Well.. there are two products with two names each. How's that for marketing? The product formerly known as MOSS will have two members of its new family: SharePoint and SharePoint for Internet Sites. FAST ESP is now rewritten for integration with SharePoint and will have two names: FAST Search for SharePoint , and FAST Search for SharePoint Internet Sites. There will be more clarity in the next day or two: customer webinar is tomorrow, and I'll follow up with more.

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