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January 27, 2010

A new acquisition?

I don't like talking about rumors: they are often wrong to start with, and the deals are as delicate as eggshells until the deal is complete. And when you predict one, you look silly when you are wrong.

Given all that let me be as vague as I can...:)

Key folks at two different companies we work with have told me in the last few days that a well known search company is going to be acquiring a smaller consulting firm with deep connections in the US federal government market. The holdup seems to be with the legal team at another search company which the  consulting firm represents: apparently the second search company isn't wild about a major competitor being part of its partner program.

The funny part is that the company rumored to be the acquiring company may be more interested in the sales channel the consulting firm has, rather than its broad expert consulting group or its interesting new product line.

Stay tuned. When (if?) it breaks, all will become clear. And if it drops through, you'll hear it here. I promise.


(Just in case you're wondering, none of these parties is New Idea Engineering...)


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Oh, come on, let's play with this some more!
I'll start. The name of the smaller company has 2 words.
Well, I always thought it was one word made up of two words run together. Whatever, it's not NewIdea:)

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