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May 24, 2010

Does Maxxcat's New Search Appliance Challenge the Google Box?

Both Jessica Bratcher and Tim Grey have interesting posts about Maxxcat releasing several enterprise search appliances that are supposedly much faster, cheaper, and extensible then the corresponding Google search appliance, with unlimited lifetime use.

They were created from the ground up and run on a special Linux platform. "On a 1 million document collection, the kernel can dispatch and resolve a multi-term query spanning the entire collection in as little as 100 usec." (of course anything under 500 msec would be fine for an end user)

Maxxcat has also released a new version of its JDBC connector (Bobcat) that supports standard SQL and allows any JDBC compliant database to interface directly to a MaxxCAT appliance. The company claims "EX-5000 Enterprise Search appliances equipped with BobCAT are able to retrieve and index information from host systems at speeds in excess of 1GB/minute."

Their chief integration engineer stated ""We are working with a number of customers who have data in SQLServer, mySQL or Oracle Databases that we are able to easily consolidate and query against, even though the source databases and data models vary dramatically. This is simply not possible with conventional database software, which relies upon proprietary interfaces and does not handle unstructured data very well, if at all.""


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Thanks for the mention! It is all most certainly true. All of the limits applied by GSA and other search appliances are artificial and designed to make you upgrade, renew your license, only play nicely with select file / DB formats, etc. We at MaxxCAT don't subscribe to that methodology. We provide the most open and limit free search appliances on the market... not to mention the fastest. Find out for yourself! We run live query comparisons on our site if you want to take our base model head to head with mini. http://www.maxxcat.com/head2head.html

The best part is that we keep getting faster with regular updates to our algorithms, kernel, etc. On many systems, we are actually delivering twice the QPM rate promised.

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