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August 06, 2010

Coveo Expresso - free Enterprise Search Lite for up to 50 users

Coveo released a beta version of Coveo Expresso . It is a free entry level enterprise search application "designed to allow users to search through corporate emails, SharePoint, network file servers and desktop files from their mobile device or desktop." It's free for up to 50 users, 1 million emails and attachments, and 100,000 documents. Each user can use a Outlook sidebar for searching from within Outlook, a floating search bar for the desktop, a classic search page using their browser and/or a Blackberry MIDlet (mobile search).

It is built on Coveo Enterprise Search Platform 6.0 and provides a simplified admin portal to centrally provision users with just a few clicks. The employee can then install or update Coveo Expresso to their desktop, Outlook and BlackBerry with one click. The company claims you can download and configure it in less than 45 minutes.

They sell several upgrade packs . The license can be expanded to 250 users, 5 million desktop files and email messages, and 1 million SharePoint and file share documents just by typing a new access code. Expresso can use Coveo’s Advanced Search Modules, which are highly configurable and scalable to billions of documents.

The free version of Coveo Expresso requires a permanent Internet connection to receive license keys, which are renewed every 7 days. It will go offline and users will be unable to do any searches if they are not renewed.

Barb Masher has a overview of the new features in Enterprise Search Platform 6.1. The two products share many features. A comparison of their features is available here .

Stephen Arnold recently posted about Coveo's Enterprise Search product winning the SIAA Codie award in the “Best Enterprise Search Engine Category” for the second time. 

John Ragsdale has an interesting post (this was in January, before version 2.0 of CIAS was announced) about his spending some time with Coveo, an "emerging customer information access vendor, whom I will never again refer to as a search vendor". He argues that their customer search product provides so many possibilities to retrieve, manipulate and display data that it is "much more than a search engine, or a dash boarding tool, or a reporting platform, though it can do all of these things well."


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