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September 01, 2010

Today's Search Term: hybrid search

hybrid search
Synonyms:  fielded search, filtered search
Related Terms:  taxonomy, parametric search, faceted search, scope of search
A search that includes both full-text and traditional database search criteria. For example, a tech support person could look for "installation errors" (full-text) within a particular product line (more like a traditional database field search). By combining together the additional criteria of "product='accounting software'", the tech support person gets a more targeted scope of search, and is more likely to find the installation error they were looking for. Another example, an analyst might search for "depreciation allowance" (the full-text) within a particular jurisdiction (a traditional database-like field). By adding the filter "state='FL'", the analyst gets a more targeted scope of search, and is more likely to find relevant documents.


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