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December 10, 2010

Microsoft Search Partners blog is a little behind the times

You can't talk yourself out of something you behaved yourself into.

It's a simple truth that applies to kids, employees, bosses and vendors - even pets (you animal lovers will understand)

So when I finally had time to browse blogs I like to follow, one of the ones I opened was the Microsoft Enterprise Search Partners blog. When they acquired FAST, Microsoft jumped into enterprise search with both feet. They finally had a real solution to the problem, and they were happy to have a cadre of skilled partners who knew search. Hey, they even started a blog!

I know it's tough to keep up--to-date when you write a bog, especially for a small company. Trust me, I know: keeping up to date on writing blogs, tweeting, running a company, writing a book AND managing a couple of intense projects is tough. I'm always in awe of big companies like Google and Microsoft with large staffs to handle the important corporate communications.

So when I finally went back to the Microsoft Enterprise Search Partners blog, imagine my surprise when I discovered that the most recent entry there was from April 16 2010 - nearly 9 months ago! The article - 'Calling all Partners!' - talks about the 'terrific momentum' in the program. Working overtime - right up to the layoffs.

So I have to ask: which is it? Are search partners (and enterprise search) important to Microsoft? Or was it an urgent problem in SharePoint that, now solved, can be pushed to the back burner? Microsoft, come on: restart the blog.. or let it die.






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