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April 15, 2011

Great article about human interaction with faceted search

It's not uncommon for me to find really good blogs as I browse the web or as my friends Tweet about them. It is less common for me to find a blog that, on my first visit, introduces me to two other blogs that I wish I had been following for years. Today I discovered just such a blog, 'Information Interaction', authored by Endeca User Experience Manager Tony Russell-Rose. 

The article that brought me to his site is 'Interaction Models for Faceted Search', a nice write up of how facets should work, and how they should- and should not - interact with the result page and other controls. He provides great examples from Dell, Kayak and others, and includes several links to other related posts on his blog.

I also really like the other sites Tony links to in the first paragraph of his post that deal with user experience and faceted navigation: Experiencing Information, written by James Kalbachl; and posts on UXmatters, written by Gary Nudelman of DesignCaffeine.

Kudos to these three bloggers who have some great content for those who are into search and great user experience!



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Thanks for the kind words, Mark. Hopefully this will become one of several posts on the subject, many of which I hope to include as material for a forthcoming book on search UX design which I am currently co-authoring. Always grateful for the feedback!

No problem Tony.. love to see the book when it's available!

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