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3 posts from April 2011

April 19, 2011

Free technical webcast on FAST Search for SharePoint: Reporting

Late notice, but Microsoft is offering a free technical training class dealing with search activity and administrative reporting in FAST Search for SharePoint (FS4SP) on Wednesday, April 20 at 7AM pacific time. The class is intended for a technical audience from among FAST customers, prospects, and partners.

You'll need to complete a free registration with the FAST University site; then I suggest you follow the link to the webinar registration page - I always find it hard to locate training using their navigation tool, but I long ago decided that it must be a mental block on my part.

Once you've registered and signed in, register for the class and show up tomorrow morning bright and early. FAST classes are generally pretty darned good - and this one is free! Enjoy!

April 15, 2011

Great article about human interaction with faceted search

It's not uncommon for me to find really good blogs as I browse the web or as my friends Tweet about them. It is less common for me to find a blog that, on my first visit, introduces me to two other blogs that I wish I had been following for years. Today I discovered just such a blog, 'Information Interaction', authored by Endeca User Experience Manager Tony Russell-Rose. 

The article that brought me to his site is 'Interaction Models for Faceted Search', a nice write up of how facets should work, and how they should- and should not - interact with the result page and other controls. He provides great examples from Dell, Kayak and others, and includes several links to other related posts on his blog.

I also really like the other sites Tony links to in the first paragraph of his post that deal with user experience and faceted navigation: Experiencing Information, written by James Kalbachl; and posts on UXmatters, written by Gary Nudelman of DesignCaffeine.

Kudos to these three bloggers who have some great content for those who are into search and great user experience!


April 05, 2011

LinkedIn off the air?

The problem with growth is to keep up with peak demand without going off the air. LinkedIn, which has recently been making noises about an IPO, seems to have been 'off the air' this morning for five to ten minutes.


Since I help manage a few groups there, I was there to check requests, messages and such; so i guess I'll have to go back later.

Mark Bennett, who co-founded New Idea Engineering with me 15 or so years back, calls LinkedIn the 'grown-up' Facebook'; I had to smile when i consider the massive increase in universal angst if Facebook were to disappear for a few minutes. OMG! NO!

Now the question is this: do you have systems in place to monitor that status of your enterprise search platform, so you are sure it's up and running and returning accurate results?

Fear not: LinkedIn is back again. And with the right plan, your search would be too.