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November 08, 2011

Pingar and New Idea Engineering Partnership

I'm happy to announce that our company, New Idea Engineering, has announced a partnership with Pingar, a New Zealand-based company that provides tools to extend and enhance the capabilities of enterprise search. New Idea Engineering is Pingar's first North American reseller.

Pingar markets libraries that provide tools for entity extraction, document summarization, redaction for key documents, autocomplete and a number of other capabilities that organizations can use to improve the user search experience.

In the developer area, Pingar provides access to view the various capabilities in action. For example, you can paste in the text of a document and see the summarization or view the redaction or any of the other Pingar capabilities. Developers can download an API key to test the code yourself. Pingar supports both C# and Java.

We'll be writing more about Pingar in action over the coming months.



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