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January 10, 2012

ISYS filters to be used for SAP Platforms

ISYS announced today that SAP has selected the popular ISYS Document Filters to replace software from both Autonomy and Oracle in their popular suite of analytical products.

ISYS, which has marketed an enterprise search product successfully for years, recognized the need for high-capability and low cost document filters, and packaged their internally developed technology. Because of its capabilities, support and price, ISYS Document Filters have become the best choice for companies that need to extract content from hundreds of different formats.

We particularly like that the ISYS filters are lightweight, easy to implement, and priced such that any company can afford to use them in-house or bundled with product. For large companies that use  Lucene/Solr for search but insist on having supported up-to-date filtering technology can solve the problem at a competitive price with ISYS.




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