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April 11, 2012

Gartner on search and enterprise social networks

Companies want to take advantage of the kinds of social tools available on the internet. Gartner's Larry Cannell has written an interesting article on merging of enterprise social trends and how important integration with enterprise search - and search driven applications - will become. 

Microsoft has really gotten into search driven (or derived) applications, but some of that comes to them from the acquisition of FAST back in 2008. FAST had long talked about the value of applications that are enabled by search but which never expose a search box to the user. SDAs drive dashboards used by analysts; alerts based on new content (not unlike the old Verity Agents); and a world of other specific-purpose apps that, under the covers, rely on search to work.

My friend and co-author Jeff Fried, now of BA Insight, was a great supporter of SDAs when he was at FAST and Microsoft, and I'd expect BA Insight may well be looking at SDAs in their product line. And I think Larry is on the right track to talk about social and search. It will be fun to see which search vendors jump on the bandwagon of SDAs next.

Do you use and SDA in your organization?



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