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March 28, 2012

The importance of context in enterprise search

For years we have talked about the important of context when it comes to enterprise search. we blogged about it as long ago as 2007 and we stressed that the context of the user, the content, and the query all need to be considered between the time the user click 'Search' and the search platform gets the extended query. As an example, we've used things like Google's special treatment of 12-digit numbers that match the algorithm for FedEx tracking numbers. 

Now it appears that Google has started plans to expand their use of context as published in the Wall Street Journal and called out in blog postings from Avalon's Joe Hilger and Mashable's Lance Ulanoff. Google's Amit Singhal spoke of the shift from keywords to meaning, a change not only at Google but, over time, in the enterprise search platforms most companies use internally every day.

Extended_search_processing_flowAs we talk about in a recent webinar 'Secrets your Search Vendor Won't Tell You', search platform vendors have always trailed user requirements; sometimes you just need to write your own custom code to create a search experience users are happy with. You often need to add your own pre-search processing code to analyze the user query and create an expanded query using the vendor-specific search operators; make the most of standard platform capabilities; and post-process the search result list in order to give yours a great, meaningful, helpful set of results and actions.

At ESS New York in May, we're doing a pre-conference workshop that will take a deep dive into this process. We'll talk about how you can do this extended processing in several popular search platforms, and will include some representative examples of how you can implement this type of contextual enhancement for several popular search platforms. If you're going to be in New York anyway, come to the workshop!




March 06, 2012

Solr essentials Training: Lucid Imagination

Our friends over at Lucid Imagination are running a 5 hour instructor-lead training class on Tuesday March 13 that looks like a good deal for anyone looking at Solr as a potential enterprise search platform. You'll see how to get Solr installed and how to index content and search. The class will also cover faceted search, relevance tuning and query analysis.

Note this class covers Solr, and does not dive into the LucidWorks Enterprise, the enterprise-packaged version of Solr that you can license from Lucid Imagination. Nonetheless, if you have wondered whether open source can replace your existing search infrastructure, you should attend this class. Even though the class is on-line, space is limited so get registered today!